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We manufacture Guitars!
We intend to create pieces of art, collection guitars, unique models "carved" manually and that have a personality, a name and an identity number.
We compromise to provide quality passiv guitars that we manufacture.
If a musician is looking for a distinct sound, we have the solution because we believe that on very guitars it can interfere with the quality of the tone. We do not spare our efforts, we use electronic components that are no longer used by the trademarks but which can still be found, refilled in the antique stores in the countries of the East and in the USA, for high prices, but they recompense us for the quality of the tone.
We refer to the Bumble Bee, Wax Paper or Paper in Oil “PIO” capacitors, among others, that delighted the musicians by the sound of the golden age of the 50s or 60s of the last century and which have no substitute today, but we also refer to the modern Polyester, Sprague Orange Drop, much used today in reference guitars. It all depends on the musician's design and need.
Obviously all this without forgetting the pots. the best that the market can offer, and with them the quality of the wired.
We also bet on the Treble Bleed system and TBX Ton Control which, we know, will interest those who play a guitar equipped with Single Coil.

    Our guitars are born in the calm of the south golden plain!